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      Industry trends
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      New 16A multifunction relay

      文章出处:芬德电子科技 / 作者:芬德电子科技 / 发表时间:2023-10-17

      This new 16A multifunction relay is designed to support the expansion and customization of smart home systems.

      Finder's B000 yesly multi-function relay adopts voltage free conversion contact and ble technology, which can be easily integrated into yesly smart home system.

      Due to the voltage free output contact with 16A capability, the new member of this finder 13 series is particularly suitable for connecting with other circuits in residential applications, such as controlled sockets or electric locks, but it is also suitable for managing higher power loads and almost any AC / DC circuit interface.

      Product technical characteristics B000 yesly multifunction relay is characterized by a single 16A conversion output contact, 12 optional functions - including "RIA - pulse relay (switch control)" and various timing functions (see Table 1). In addition to the maximum switchable load current of 16a, it also has the possibility to input wired buttons and manage up to 8 yes scenarios.

      It also has a zero crossing switch.

      New B000 yesly multi-function relay is similar to 13.22 multi-function relay in design, but different in some technical characteristics, making it particularly suitable for specific applications.


      Configure with finder application

      It only takes a few simple steps to configure through the free "finder toolbox plus" application B000 type, suitable for IOS and Android.

      In addition to using the toolbox plus application for product configuration, you can also:

      Quick setting function;

      Associate wireless buttons, input interfaces, and create custom scenes;

      Deliver the system to the end customer with confidence.

      New 35mm rail adapter

      This new yesly multifunction relay is mainly designed to be installed in the recessed junction box. Due to the new 013.17 adapter, it can also be installed on the 35mm guide rail. B000 is flexible and versatile, and its configuration is simple. It provides a minimally invasive solution for progressive system update and expansion. It is compatible with the new RF actuator ( for bliss2 intelligent thermostat and all other finder yes devices for installation in the electrical box - listed below:

      13.21 - yesly 1-channel multifunction relay

      13.22 – yesly 2-channel multifunction relay

      13.s2 – yesly roller shutter actuator

      15.21 - yesly led dimmer

      1Y. P2 – yesly input interface

      1Y. E8 – yes range extender

      Yesly is an intelligent and scalable solution for your family

      Yesly system turns any home into a smart home in a few simple steps, and allows fast, simple and guided product installation and programming. With yesly device, you can realize centralized control at home through Bluetooth, or by adding gateway2, you can extend the control of the system through voice assistant or remote location.

      In addition, 1y GU. 005.1 gateway2 controls bliss2 intelligent thermostat and yesly device, so as to realize a more integrated family.